A Different travel bundle
The Jet Lag Pack

Introducing the A Different Jet Lag Pack, the ultimate solution for busy business travelers who need to arrive at their destination refreshed and ready to work. Say goodbye to the debilitating effects of jet lag with our specially curated pack that includes A Different Hydration and A Different Sleep.

So, whether you're traveling for an important business meeting or a well-deserved vacation, don't let jet lag hold you back. Try the A Different Jet Lag Pack today and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

The Jet Lag Pack
The Jet Lag Pack

The Jet Lag Pack

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Take your travelling experience to the next level with The Jet lag Travel Bundle. Combat jet lag and boost energy levels with a pack that includes all the essentials to efficiently tackle your days. Get more out of your time away and arrive ready to go with The Jet lag Travel Bundle.

Traveling long haul is exhausting, we're all familiar with the feeling of jet lag.

Besides changes in time zones, there are other factors that can contribute to and worsen jet lag. The first one is that the environment of airplane cabins is pretty extreme. They are three times as dry as the Sahara Desert, combined with a pressure similar to that at the level of Machu Picchu. The dryness can lead to slight dehydration, which worsens some side effects. Failure to get sleep on the airplane can also negatively your body and how to avoid jet lag.

Our travel pack combats dehydration and helps promote higher quality sleep.

  • ADifferent Hydration: WIth the rapid absorption formula, we ensure optimal fluid absorption (and less trips to the bathroom). 
    Drink it right before and during your flight if you're feeling thirsty.
    This will be essential in combating jet lag, since the dehydration factor plays a huge role in how you feel at arrival. 

  • ADifferent Sleep: Dial in to your new local time. Our formula helps you enter a state of relaxation and make sure your body gets optimal conditions for quality sleep and recovery, by helping you fall asleep faster and lowering the production of stress hormone in your body. You can either consume it during your flight or at your hotel. You’ll enjoy the soothing benefits and quality sleep no matter which one you choose.

The Jet lag Travel Bundle includes:

28 sachets x ADifferent Hydration (available in three flavors)
28 sachets x ADifferent Sleep

We recommend Using 1 pack of hydration approx every 4 hours during the duration of your flight. Use the Sleep product 30 min-1 hour before bedtime at your destination time. This way you will be on track and get more out of your  time at arrival. 

Read more about jet lag here

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We help you get on top, so you can more out of your time at arrival.

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GREAT PRODUCT!!! Just try it, you will be surpriced.




I recently used the products on my trip to Thailand and I was amazed at how clear-headed and energized I felt throughout my entire vacation. Usually, I would spend the first few days feeling fatigued and sluggish, trying to adjust to the new timezone. But with the Sleep powder, I was able to get a restful night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to explore. It made a huge difference in my overall experience, and I would highly recommend it to any fellow travelers looking to make the most of their time abroad

Ian Moss



As a business traveler, I've tried everything to combat jet lag, but nothing worked as well as A Different Jet Lag Pack. The hydration drink kept me feeling hydrated and alert during the flight, and the sleep drink helped me adjust to the new timezone without any grogginess. Highly recommend!

Brianna Williams

Fairfax, CA


I never realized how much of my vacation time I was wasting by trying to recover from jet lag, but thats all history now. I truly make the most of every moment and really enjoy not feeling like a disaster for days after arrival. It's honestly a must-have for any traveler who wants to maximize their experience. Also it worked great with my hangover, which is a bonus!

Linda Hoffman

London, UK


I was skeptical at first, but the product truly made a difference. I felt more energized and focused during my meetings, and I was able to enjoy some downtime to explore the city after work. It's a game changer for anyone who travels frequently for work.

Robert Munroe

Los Angeles, CA