A Different Hydration 2 x 14 pack

A Different Hydration 2 x 14 pack

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2 bags of A Different Hydration (28 servings)

A Different Hydration is an all day hydration that enables maximum fluid absorption.

When to use A Different Hydration:

  • an all-day hydration
  • at work and during activities
  • for training sessions up to 2 hours
  • before and after a night out
  • on hot days 
  • if you are feeling dehydrated


Hydrate helps avoid the side effects of mild dehydration:

Only 1-2% loss of body fluids affects

  • Overall cognitive performance and ability to focus
  • Short term memory for verbal presentation Reaction times
  • Hand to eye coordination
  • Safety in work environments (more accidents)
  • Emotional stability (anger, sadness and frustration)
  • Increased production of stress hormone Immune systems

Hydrating is important to your immune system and A Different Hydration boosts your body by providing essential vitamins, minerals and aiding optimal fluid absorption.

Flavors: Berry, Mango and Ginger Lemon

All products are certified for sport.

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