A Different Taste Experience

We're not like any other hydration brand you have ever tried.
Why you ask ? Our flavors are unique and developed by chefs.

A Different Hydration is an electrolyte powder that optimizes your drinking water and helps maintain your daily fluid balance, so you can perform optimally both physically and mentally. With A Different Hydration, you're one step ahead of headaches, poor concentration and lack of energy in your everyday life.

A Different Sleep

A Different Sleep

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A Different Sleep ensures your body has optimal conditions for quality sleep and recovery.

Users get 65% more deep sleep and 44% more REM sleep on average*

Our formula helps reduce production of stress hormone and helps trigger melatonin production, in order to get a longer deep sleep phase and better REM sleep.

Quality sleep and maximum recovery are key elements to a healthy immune system and top performance.

Sleep helps get more deep sleep, less wake up cycles and helps with falling a sleep faster, ensuring a lowered resting heart rate.

*Results from our Sleep trial with 850 users independently tracking their sleep without and with A Different Sleep.


Honestly I've never slept better and I have tried so many different things. Thank you so much for a great product.

Ashleigh F

Fairfax, CA.


I have a lot of business dinners and the hydration powder really saves me the following day at work.

Michael K.

New York, NY


Great for flying, I travel frequently and it really does the trick so I don't feel totally destroyd when I land and have to start working.
The Flavos are great (especially the ginger lime) -

Diana J

Zurich, Switzerland


I drink it whilst I'm at work. I'm a nurse and I find it hard to get enough liquids in during my long shifts, so this does the trick for me. Thank You!


Birmingham, UK


Could you make more flavors (I'll give you the 5th star when you make a pinapple flavor), they are so good. I drink and serve them as non alcoholic beverages in stead of softdrinks and juice, it's such a success.


Boulder, Colorado


EVERYONE should try their sleep product, OMG it's a game changer, my REM sleep went through the roof after 3 days. I also like the hydration, even my kids drink it at practice.


Stockholm, Sweden

The Science and the Chef

ADifferent.co formulas are developed with one of the leading endurance sports product manufacturers and is uniquely flavor developed by Chef Hannah Grant.

Chef Hannah Grant

Hannah Grant is a trained chef with a michelin star backgournd. She has published three best selling cookbooks, developed for endurance athletes and specializes in gluten- and dairy free recipe development.
Hannah is an active TV chef on danih morning TV as well as a cookbook author with an Emmy Award Winning TV show on her resume.

The Jet Lag Pack
The Jet Lag Pack

The Jet Lag Pack

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Take your travelling experience to the next level with The Jet lag Travel Bundle. Combat jet lag and boost energy levels with a pack that includes all the essentials to efficiently tackle your days. Get more out of your time away and arrive ready to go with The Jet lag Travel Bundle.

Traveling long haul is exhausting, we're all familiar with the feeling of jet lag.

Besides changes in time zones, there are other factors that can contribute to and worsen jet lag. The first one is that the environment of airplane cabins is pretty extreme. They are three times as dry as the Sahara Desert, combined with a pressure similar to that at the level of Machu Picchu. The dryness can lead to slight dehydration, which worsens some side effects. Failure to get sleep on the airplane can also negatively your body and how to avoid jet lag.

Our travel pack combats dehydration and helps promote higher quality sleep.

  • ADifferent Hydration: WIth the rapid absorption formula, we ensure optimal fluid absorption (and less trips to the bathroom). 
    Drink it right before and during your flight if you're feeling thirsty.
    This will be essential in combating jet lag, since the dehydration factor plays a huge role in how you feel at arrival. 

  • ADifferent Sleep: Dial in to your new local time. Our formula helps you enter a state of relaxation and make sure your body gets optimal conditions for quality sleep and recovery, by helping you fall asleep faster and lowering the production of stress hormone in your body. You can either consume it during your flight or at your hotel. You’ll enjoy the soothing benefits and quality sleep no matter which one you choose.

The Jet lag Travel Bundle includes:

28 sachets x ADifferent Hydration (available in three flavors)
28 sachets x ADifferent Sleep

We recommend Using 1 pack of hydration approx every 4 hours during the duration of your flight. Use the Sleep product 30 min-1 hour before bedtime at your destination time. This way you will be on track and get more out of your  time at arrival. 

Read more about jet lag here

A Different Hydration 14 pack
A Different Hydration 14 pack
A Different Hydration 14 pack
A Different Hydration 14 pack
A Different Hydration 14 pack
A Different Hydration 14 pack
A Different Hydration 14 pack
A Different Hydration 14 pack
A Different Hydration 14 pack

A Different Hydration 14 pack

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A Different Hydration is an all day hydration that enables maximum fluid absorption. 

When to use A Different Hydration:

  • an all-day hydration
  • at work and during activities
  • for training sessions up to 2 hours
  • before and after a night out
  • on hot days 
  • if you are feeling dehydrated


Hydrate helps avoid the side effects of mild dehydration:

Only 1-2% loss of body fluids affects

  • Overall cognitive performance and ability to focus
  • Short term memory for verbal presentation Reaction times
  • Hand to eye coordination
  • Safety in work environments (more accidents)
  • Emotional stability (anger, sadness and frustration)
  • Increased production of stress hormone Immune systems

Hydrating is important to your immune system and A Different Hydration boosts your body by providing essential vitamins, minerals and aiding optimal fluid absorption.

Flavors: Berry, Mango and Ginger Lemon

All products are certified for sport.